About Christ Broadcasting Television Networks Inc.


Christ Broadcasting TV Network is an independent Christian media, where pastors, ministers of the Gospel come together in harmony, sharing their sermons through  teaching  and preaching of the Word of God, for the good of the global community to hear, listen and to apply the Word of God into their hearts, for the salvation of their souls.


 G- Globe-  Signify the world, a place where the word of God will be preached, for salvation of souls, through Christ's eternal word- The Bible.

F- Flame- Signify the Holy Spirit, where humanity will be convicted into repentance of sins, through Christ's Word for eternal life.

  C- The Cross- Signify the Blood Christ Jesus, shaded on the cross for the ramification of sins.


Christ Broadcasting Television Network (CBTN) is intending to reach more people for Christ, through a weekly LIVE- TV broadcast, where people around the world can listen, hear, and apply the word of God, with a motto, to defuse, the concept of living in sins, if someone can believe that Christ Jesus died for them on the cross. "If you have the Spirit of God living in you, you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit." (Roman 8:9) The Cross- signify the death of Christ,  the Flame, signify the blood Christ shaded on the Cross. The Globe, signify the world, where Christ's Word will be preached.

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